JANIDA Projects

Basket fund for Disaster Preparedness and management

Due to unpredictable and high levels of Disasters in Japan and Africa, JANIDA needs to be disaster prepared all the time and proactive before and after the disasters in order to effectively manage disaster related problems,
Therefore we call upon all the donor communities and well-wishers to fundraise towards this cause to enable JANIDA supplement on government and other Non-state Actors effort in saving the lives of the vulnerable communities affected with disasters in Japan and Africa.

Children Education support fund and school items

  • a) JANIDA collects used and new items for school children in Africa such as (scholastic materials) like shoes, uniforms, books & pencils

  • b) JANIDA collects used and new Bicycles for easing school children`s transport

  • c) JANIDA collects all kind of music instruments and sports gear to promote school children`s talents

  • d) a) For anyone who wishes to provide small funds for poor children school fees in Africa is highly appreciated.

    Contact JANIDA office for details

Climate Change fund

Climate Change remains the greatest challenge for the rural poor smallholder farmers in Africa. Its adverse effects are not new to the discussions in Africa and elsewhere in the world and for a very long time these farmers continue to experience a rise in sea level and the increased occurrence of natural disasters that greatly undermine the development process in Agriculture. Currently there has been a continuous occurrence on unpredictable weather conditions which has greatly affected the poor smallholder farmers causing loss of their crops and livestock. Therefore Environmental conservation and planting of trees should be a must if we want to save our planet.

8. Volunteer fund for Japanese for Africa programs

JANIDA is currently offering Japanese volunteer training and dispatching them to work on projects in different African nations. This program will be starting in January 2017.

Contact JANIDA office for details