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Who We Are

Japan NGO for International Development in Africa (JANIDA) is an International registered Nonprofit and Nongovernmental Organization which was established in January 2015 by Africans supported by the Japanese nationals, to act as a platform for identifying the socio-economic and Disaster related problems affecting the local communities in Japan and Africa, through conducting research/surveys, design and implement realistic projects to addressing these problems & challenges.

Some of the major problems identified include; Natural and Manmade Disasters such as hunger, food insecurity, climate change, & prolongeddrought seasons, floods, landslides, Earthquake, heavy winds & conflicts/war disturbances. Whereas some of the major challenges include poverty, poor Health & Education conditions, destruction of forests & wetlands, poor agricultural production &systems, pests and diseases, poor fishing methods and water pollution among others.

One of the major strategies laid is through increasing Global partnerships and international cooperation that shall link JANIDA to opportunities which will strengthen its capacity so as to contribute to the protection of the Global environment and promotion of African & Japanese culture to improve the Socio-Economic wellbeing of the local communities.

This idea originated from far back, after realizing of increased general poor conditions of the local communities in Africa time after time, which prompted the founders of JANIDA to establish this organization.


  • 1. To build the capacity of JANIDA for its Sustainability and Organizational Development
  • 2. To promote Environmental conservation, Agroforestry and Climate change
  • 3. To promote Sustainable Agriculture and farm enterprise development
  • 4. To promote public health and Healthy wellbeing of people
  • 5. To promote Disaster preparedness, Relief and conflict prevention
  • 6. To promote Education, culture, sports, vocation training & literacy programs
  • 7. To promote Gender mainstreaming and empowerment of women & youths