• JANIDA Background/purpose

Japan NGO for International Development in Africa (JANIDA), was established as an International Organization on 2nd January 2016 in Japan, with its purpose that aims at supporting the local communities in Japan and Africa through identifying and solving the problems and challenges affecting their livelihoods. The four thematic priority areas which were selected include; (1) Agriculture, food & nutrition security, Hunger and poverty, (2) Environmental conservation & Climate change, (3) Education, culture & Art. (4) Disaster preparedness and conflict prevention. The Organization was founded due to increased problems and challenges affecting the local communities in the above areas. This prompted the founders of this organization to establish JANIDA to support the local communities to overcome these challenges.

JANIDA operates its work in four major fields.

  1. Agriculture, food and nutrition security, Hunger and poverty
  2. Environment and climate change
  3. Education, culture, art & crafts
  4. Disaster preparedness, Relief and conflict prevention

The major role of JANIDA is;

  1. To identify the problems and challenges that affecting the local communities in Japan and Africa, mobilize the means necessary to implement organization strategy.
  2. To engage in the entire planning and implementation process of its strategies that aims at support the grassroots people to effectively achieve its goal.

All this will be achieved through deepening friendship and solidarity between Japan and Africa and also through establishing of Global partnerships for sustainable development so as to contribute to the achievement of the JANIDA and the Sustainable development goals (SDGs). The JANIDA’s main target groups of JANIDA are the poor small holder farmers around East African region and women & children in Japan and East Africa especially in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda

JANIDA Vision;

Empowered and healthy Population that produces enough food with ability to preventing and mitigation of disasters

JANIDA Mission

To build a firm foundation for the Organization that shall have the capacity to identifying and solving the problems and challenges affecting the local communities in Japan and Africa to supplement on the efforts of achieving the Sustainable development goals (SDGs).


  1. Commitment: We are committed to serve and deliver quality services
  2. Integrity: We carry out all our work with greatest responsibility and accountability
  3. Excellence: We Deliver the highest-quality products and services in all endeavors
  4. Empowerment: We empower local Communities to improve their livelihoods
  5. Honesty: We treat all people with dignity and respect
  6. International: We are operating internationally in Japan and Africa



  1. To prevent hunger and poverty and ensure food and nutrition security
  2. To ensure Environmental conservation and mitigation of Climate change catastrophes
  3. To improve the quality of school Education and promote social Education, culture & art
  4. To promote Disaster preparedness and conflict prevention
  5. To strengthen the capacity of the organization for effective and efficient service delivery