Japan NGO for International Development in Africa (JANIDA), was established as an International Non-Government Organization on 2nd January 2016 in Japan, with its main purpose for promoting International Cooperation through linking opportunities between Japan and Africa, identifying the socio-economic problems and challenges affecting the livelihoods of the local communities and find solutions to overcome these problems and challenges. The above socio-economic problems which were identified include;
(1) Agriculture, Hunger &, poverty,
(2) Environment & Climate change,
(3) Education & culture and sports issues.
Others include disasters and Health related issues.


NGO日本アフリカ国際開発(JANIDA) 設立:2016年1月2日 目的:日本とアフリカの架け橋として国際協力を促進し、地域社会の生活に影響を与える社会経済的問題を特定し、 それらの解決策を実施していくこと ターゲット課題:
(1)農業. 飢餓、貧困