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Japan NGO for International Development in Africa (JANIDA), was established as an International Non-Government Organization on 2nd January 2016 and fully registered with the Government of Japan on 2016/09/26. The main purpose of the JANIDA’s establishment was to promote International Cooperation between Japan & Africa and other countries around the World through linking them to opportunities around Africa with the aim of identifying the major socio-economic problems and challenges affecting the livelihoods of the local communities as well as finding the possible solutions to overcome these problems and challenges.

The major socio-economic challenges which were identified by JANIDA that is affecting the people in Africa is Hunger &, poverty. Therefore, the main aim of JANIDA is to promote International Cooperation between Japan and Africa, and elsewhere in the World through linking both regions to opportunities while focusing on reducing Hunger and Poverty in Africa through Agricultural interventions and other effective approaches that can be complemented to reduce Hunger and Poverty in Africa such as improving Environment and climate change adaptation, Promotion of entrepreneurship skills to increase employment, water for food & Agriculture, social and school Education & International partnership.

The JANIDA’s priority areas of operation include;

  • Agricultural interventions
  • Water resource management / increased water for food production
  • Environment conservation and Climate change interventions
  • Social trainings & Education, culture and sports
  • Gender mainstreaming and Food Rights & Food security advocacy
  • International Partnerships