About us

Who We Are

JANIDA is an international NGO whose purpose is to promote International Cooperation between Japan & Africa and other countries around the World, with an ultimate aim of reducing hunger, poverty and Climate change catastrophes in Africa.

The Japan NGO for International Development in Africa (JANIDA) was established as an International Non-Government Organization on 2nd January 2016 and fully registered with the Government of Japan on 26/09/2016.

In Uganda JANIDA is fully registered and obtained the NGO Certificate on 19/05/2021.

Why Agriculture is Important to Uganda

Uganda is a landlocked country with a tropical climate and diverse terrain.

Most of the population in Uganda lives in rural areas and relies on agriculture for their livelihoods. Agriculture contributes to about one-third of Uganda’s GDP and employs more than 70% of the labor force.


To empower 10,000 farmers, and other vulnerable groups to become resilient to Hunger, Poverty and climate change, with their socio-economic conditions improved by 2030.


Empowered smallholder farmers and other poor communities, free from hunger & poverty, resilient to climate change, with their socio-economic conditions improved.


To strengthen human and institutional capacities of the Farmers and other poor communities, in Agriculture & Environment and other socio-economic issues, through implementing strategies that strongly support interventions to reduce Hunger, Poverty, Climate change and the socio-economic factors affecting the poor communities in Africa.


  • Commitment: We are committed to serve and deliver quality services
  • Honesty: JANIDA is a trustworthy organization in financial and service delivery
  • Integrity: We carry out all our work with the greatest responsibility and accountability
  • Excellence: We deliver the highest-quality products and services in all endeavors.
  • Empowerment: We empower local communities for sustainable development


  1. To develop agricultural value chains for food, nutrition and income growth
  2. To promote sound environmental and natural resources management and governance
  3. To build community resilience to impacts of climate change, Hunger and poverty
  4. To ensure protection, access and full utilization of water resources for agricultural production, hygiene and sanitation.
  5. To improve Social and School Education services for children and youth to combat the underlying causes of poverty
  6. To promote science and technology innovations that contributes to reduce hunger and poverty
  7. To mainstream gender and other cross-cutting issues in all programs and projects; and harness community development initiatives
  8. To develop and strengthen organizational capacity for effective and efficient service delivery

Our partners

We believe in the power of collaboration and the strength that comes from building meaningful partnerships. Our success is not just ours; it’s shared with a diverse network of partners who contribute to our growth, innovation, and shared achievements.