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About Us

The JANIDA’s Vision:
To become a strong Organization network that provides effective measures for reducing Hunger & Poverty in Africa

JANIDA’s Mission:
To reduce hunger and poverty through strengthening human and institutional capacities in the Agricultural sector by implementing strategies that improve the socio-economic conditions of the vulnerable communities in Africa.

The JANIDA’s Goal:
Empowered 50,000 African farmers to reduce hunger & poverty by 2030

The Specific Objectives;
– Enhancing the capacity of the farmers in farm production & marketing to increase household incomes, food and nutrition security.

– To promote increased household incomes of the local communities through promotion of Uganda coffee exports to Japanese market –

– Promotion of Environmental conservation and climate change interventions through practicing eco-Agriculture friendly services.

– To promote increased access to water for food and Agricultural production

– To improve social and school Education services

– To promote international partnership & cooperation through collaboration and Networking with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan, MAFF, Ministry of Education, Science and Sports, Ministry of the Environment (MOE), NGOs/NPOs, Universities, Agricultural related institutions, Companies and other actors in Japan and elsewhere in the world to achieve the goals and objectives of JANIDA.

The Countries of operation and Target Beneficiaries

JANIDA’s main target groups are the poor small holder farmers, and other vulnerable groups that include youth, women & young children in the East African countries including; Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. In future, JANIDA will extend operations to other countries around Africa depending on the needs, priorities and available resources.

JANIDA is an International Organization, implementing her activities through its own staff to the grass root beneficiaries such as the small holder farmers. JANIDA also collaborates with other local NGOs and government structures to ease the implementation processes. JANIDA intends to have a regional wide structure and Network especially around the East African countries that will help the organization to extend its services to other countries around Africa.

The Summary of the JANIDA Management Structure
The JANIDA Organizational Structure comprises of 4 components namely;

(1) JANIDA General Meeting (Representatives from Corporates & Individual members)
(2) The Board of Directors
(3) The JANIDA Head Office in Japan
(4) The JANIDA Africa Regional Offices in Uganda – Africa


  1. Commitment: We are committed to serve and deliver quality services
  2. Honesty: We treat all people with dignity and respect
  3. Integrity: We carry out all our work with greatest responsibility and accountability
  4. Excellence: We Deliver the highest-quality products and services in all endeavors
  5. Empowerment: We empower local Communities for sustainable development